Since 2008 We have been intimately involved with Gregg Holtgrewe's "DAWNING". We came on board to shoot 2nd camera and since then we've been fortunate enough to not only become close friends with the cast and crew but also bring many of THEY into the fold.

    Matt Wilkins co-wrote, Chris Grap co-produced, Nathaniel Levisay scored, Zechariah Thormodsgaard of Gaardhouse animated the title credits and Clinton Lugert designed the posters as well as the rest of the media kit. We're proud to be credited as associate producers of the film. 

    The team has taken the film to over 19 film festivals, racking up a laundry list of great reviews, made it on to a few top-ten lists and taken home 4 awards including Best Picture. 

    After all this, we have some great news. Thanks to Breaking Glass Pictures "DAWNING" has joined the ranks of the small selection of MN films that have gotten distribution! Soon the film we be availble from RedBox to Video On Demand to Netflix and everywhere in between. We're currently finishing up the DVD package design.

    One of the most amazing parts of this deal is that the promotional artwork we've created for the film is going to market unchanged. Specializing in design & animation for feature films is our greatest passion and we're always proud when our work can help an inde film get noticed. However, once the distribution deal is signed the initial designs rarely (never) make it through the big machine and out to the audience without drastic changes. Something as bold as the "DAWNING" designs are just asking to be watered down - but this one time it won't be and for that we are both thankful and proud.

    The October Country had this to say:

    Color me intrigued as hopefully you are as well dear readers. If not, then feast your eyes upon these absolutely stunning posters for the film, which I'll admit are not only the most beautiful works of advertisement I have seen in ages, but are also what initially got me to sit up and pay attention in the first place. As far as successful marketing tools are concerned, you knocked this one outta the park guys, bravo.

    To learn more about the film and stay informed check out We'll be posting about the release and any other big news.


    Minneapolis is the heart of ARTCRANK, poster designers, tall bikes & inclement weather. These things came together to make this piece "TOO TALL TO FALL",

    It's been a fantastic year for Clinton Lugert & he was honored to be an artist in this show among so many of his local design-heroes. Spring was coasting in to town. It was time to celebrate. Thus he created this poster out of pure bliss. While it's snowy trouble down below, nothing can touch the rider soaring in the sun. 

    Hand Silk Screen Printed by Erik Hamline of Steady Print Shop Co.

    18" x 24" 
    3 Color - Charcoal, Sky Blue & Blaze Orange 
    120lb Recycled White Domtar Cougar paper

    Opening show at Shelter Studios - April 2 
    Prints for sale at ONE ON ONE Bikes April 8 - May 6
    Art-A-Whirl in the Northrup King Building - May 20-22

    And now for a primarily non-verbal creation story:






    We couldn't have asked for a better time. ARTCRANK was extremely organized, clear, fair & fun - even in the face of tragedy. A special thanks to Andy Thieman of Blood+Sweat+Chemo for helping out all of us unicycles out there. 


    Clinton Lugert's been chosen to be an artist in ARTCRANK 2011! Below is the announcement from their page:

    We’re proud and thrilled to present the 40 artists who will create posters for ARTCRANK™ MSP 2011. This is the largest group of artists we’ve had for the Minneapolis show, and it’s a Murderer’s Row of design talent and artistic ability. Check out their sites to see for yourself.

    Minneapolis is the best bike town in the nation, the birthplace of ARTCRANK and our biggest show of the year. As with last year, we’ll start the show in the spacious, friendly confines of photographer Chris Sheehan’s amazing Shelter Studios on Saturday, April 2. But for 2011, we’re also adding some exciting new twists and working with our partners and sponsors to pull of a poster party that raises the bar for the rest of the country (and the world). So circle the date on the calendar now and get ready for an epic ARTCRANK bike art throw-down.

    Please check back for updates, and follow ARTCRANK on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news.


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    We're proud to announce that we won "Best In Show" at Artenbru! Be sure to check out their post to see all the other great posters by a bunch of super talented designers. One of our favorite sites, The Egotist picked up the story as well.

    The artist Clinton Lugert had this to say about the poster:

    "The basis of the illustration for POWER comes from the colossus of industry himself, Cecil Rhodes. An ardent imperialist and almost certainly a prick, this man founded the infamous De Beers diamond company. His attempted telegraph from Cape Town to Cairo was a dismal failure which we thought was the perfect image for a sardonic look at the ongoing attempts of Great Britain to successfully colonize Africa. Yes, the word POWER is between his legs on purpose."

    Thanks everybody for all the hard work & fun. And special thanks to Nick Rudie for getting us involved and Steve Fletty for creating the incredible beer & inspiring us. We can't wait for next year!

    If you'd like to pick one up there are a few for sale at our poster store.


    The AIGA has chosen our design for Matt Osterman's Phasma Ex Machina (Now known as Ghost From The Machine) as a winner in the 2011 Design Show! I'm honored to be held up with such fine company. 

    Ghost From The Machine explores the grey area between life and death and how we reconcile these losses. After the death of his parents, Cody plunges himself into the fringe science of the supernatural and invents a machine he intends to be a conduit between the other side. He becomes increasingly preoccupied with this goal and begins ignoring his responsibilities to work, life and his younger brother. But the real problems come when it works. This story of holding on to grief and the consequences of obsession was fertile ground for a poster concept. After many ideas I decided to focus on the bondage of his creation - the machine - and loneliness of the aftermath.


    For the execution I tested my wire-theory on the mannequin at THEY's studio & then promptly tangled Sasha Andreev up in phosphorescent wire. We shot with the wonderful photographer Clark Patrick at his studio. Everyone was a great sport about the whole thing as we directed Sasha to strike poses ranging from God and Adam in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel to a marionette. Finally the mood we wanted was found in the solitary pose on the poster today. 

    Originally the visual treatment was to be the opposite of the photos. In this style the illuminated wires are inverted, so they seem to radiate blackness in an ethereal world. 

    But the director was wise to focus on the dark nature of the story and request the opposite.

    Here are several early proofs:

    Jon Maichel Thomas from Studio Collective animated the title credits and co-produced the film. He also oversaw this project from their end and was excellent to work with. Jon continually pushed me and my design to be cleaner, stronger and tighter insuring that the concept was king. In the final round we all had a tough time deciding between the final and this alternative:


    I hand silk screen printed 100 posters using our then-freshly-built screen printing vacuum table which was constructed by my good friend, the ever creative and kind, Lucas Shank of Lucas Brand Co. They are printed with silver metallic ink on thick metallic black paper. Because of the shiny combo you can lose the image entirely in a glare - we love this and think it adds a necessary mystical feeling to the print. 

    I loved being involved with Phasma Ex Machina & working with the team. It's one of my favorite pieces I've created and are honored to have been selected as a winner in the AIGA Design Contest. If you'd like to see these in person as well as the tremendous work from the show the exhibit of the contest will be up at Chris Sheehan's Shelter Studio May 9th & 10th, 9:00am - 5pm at 2112 Broadway St NE # 150 Minneapolis, MN 55413 

    And as always, the posters are up for sale on THEY'S POSTER STORE. Here's the final:

    And here's the big metal cube to celebrate:

    - Clinton Lugert of THEY design