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    I was fortunate to have the opportunity to design & print a poster for my favorite musician - Joseph Arthur. I listen to him alarmingly often and know his work well. 

    Many of Arthur's songs have religious themes like a Father/Son relationship, redemption and often he sings of the sun itself. This story also has another strong theme - balance. 

    Any artist has to wrestle with the ability to find balance in their lives between the mania of creation and the depression of failure. Few know this battle as well as Arthur. These things all lead me to the myth of Icarus & Daedalus.

    Not only does Icarus appear somewhat angel-like thanks to his wings, but also the whole story is loaded with similar themes that Arthur continually explores. In the story the King fears the Minotaur and commissions the brilliant Daedalus to construct a labyrinth to contain him. He places the beast on an island in the center of the construct. For fear of the secret of the labyrinth getting out, he banishes Daedalus and his son Icarus there as well. 

    Most of us know the rest of the story about Icarus flying too close to the sun, melting his wings of wax and falling in to the sea, but few remember that in spite of great loss, Daedalus made it home. He then went into hiding, denied the king and dedicated his life to the gods. 

    Years later Daedalus was discovered because he was the only one able to solve a small puzzle. His vanity of his own powerful mind made him known to the King once again. 

    You'll see our friend the Minotaur makes an appearance on this poster as the center label of a vinyl record which has grooves like a labyrinth.

    I hope you like it. It was a great challenge to design for another artist and material that I love.

    Poster is up for sale at the THEY Etsy Store.

    Feather illustration by Alison Lindburg. Other illustrations courtesy of CSA Images.