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    Every year a few of us crazies in Minneapolis donate our time to the Minnesota Film & TV Board to benefit Toys for Tots. THEY & I have been delighted to be a part of if for three years now.

    Year one was "Treebacca". Year two was "R2 The Snow Droid".

    This year we thought we'd ask our friends & fans what they'd like to see and we put it up to a poll on our Facebook page. Everyone added their own idea so we ended up with a lot of options that all had 1 vote. Ultimately I went with my gut, which was very guided by Joey Hall & the event master from the film board himself, Chris Grap. Princess Leia needed some help with her Rebel Wreath and this is a quick tour of the creation process.

    First, I needed some reference and inspiration. Originally I thought I'd do the poster in complete profile.

    But it just wasn't happening. After a whole lot of archeology I found a torn up vintage oversize Star Wars comic book & this excellent image.

    And that was it. First I thought I'd try it without the hood so we could see the classic buns.

    It was already getting fun but the poster didn't have any visual weight to it yet. I revisited the hood but wasn't sure how to handle it. I found Nefer-Ra's Deviant Art page, blatently stole the hood and decided to try it on. I also hunted down a wreath which you'll see is actually a series of cupcakes. It worked because it wasn't so photographic that it was a halftone mess and it wasn't so patterned that it looked like flat clip art. 

    Now I started to think about color. In previous years I strayed away from traditional Christmas colors but this year I decided to embrace it. I knew I wanted to print on French Paper as I nearly always do and so I went searching for paper colors and decided on something really wild. White. 100lb Pop-Tone "Sweet Tooth" to be exact. Once I added this flood of red, and dropped in the classic Star Wars logo I started getting excited enough to show Chris a sneak preview.

    Ultimately that logo didn't work, but it sent me down the right path - vintage Star Wars book cover. The border ties it all together and brings back memories.

    Now it was time to start getting into the details. I didn't like how the ribbon came out and hadn't added the second wreath yet 

    Here's the final, which I can't wait to print!

    I added a slight distressed texture to the red so that when printing it's not too heavy, causing the paper to curl. Learned that from the Dawning poster. 

    The event is December 8th at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. I'll have hand silk screened prints there limited to an edition of 100. I hope you can make it. RSVP on the Facebook Event Page.


    - Clinton Lugert of THEY design