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  • THE GATEKEEPER - Key Art Walkthrough

    Here it is, the final key art for Isaac Meisenheimer's The GateKeeper starring Ron Perlman. Illustration by Jeremy Packer [ZombiYeti] Art Direction & coloring by Clinton Lugert.

    Here's a quick tour of how we landed on this final piece. If you'd like to see THEY's works in progress you can see what we're up to by following us on

    First of all, we were very excited to work on this project and not just because of the names attached - the script is awesome fun. Luckily for us our very talented, long-time friend Nathaniel Levisay is composing the music for this film and he recommended us to the director, Isaac Meisenheimer. 

    The goal of the The GateKeeper is to create a feel-good zombie movie that has the 80's genre-film mentality. This hooked us right away as we are big fans of Goonies, Monster Squad and the like. 

    Since the film is still seeking funding and other partners this is more of a teaser poster than anything - key art to set the mood. Our first draft was a lot more simple but you'll see the concept and color scheme were already set. 

    The idea was simple and sound. However, since the gothic style has been embraced by many modern gangs it could read the wrong way. The trucker hat put it over to the top and we decided to change up illustration styles as well.

    Then we found the work of the remarkably talented Jeremy Packer [aka ZombieYeti]. Thankfully he was cut from the same cloth and immediately started sketching. Here are a couple of the thoughts he sent our way. 

    As you can see, he's amazing. The hat is gone, and his idea of bringing a keyhole into the forehead was brilliant. We gave some direction and had another round. 

    He nailed it. The next round was the ink.

    Then we played with the type again.

    We all loved it but Isaac made the right decision and pushed us towards a more classic Goonie's treatment.

    And then the color.

    Due to scheduling conflicts Clinton Lugert dusted off his old comic book skills and finished up the last couple rounds of color. 

    And the final round is up top. Up next we'll be preparing various forms of colaterol for the film. We hope you'll keep tabs on The GateKeeper as it progresses by following @Meisenslimer on Twitter or subscribing to their blog

    And if you're ever in a graveyard and you see Ron Perlman. Run.