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    Since 2008 We have been intimately involved with Gregg Holtgrewe's "DAWNING". We came on board to shoot 2nd camera and since then we've been fortunate enough to not only become close friends with the cast and crew but also bring many of THEY into the fold.

    Matt Wilkins co-wrote, Chris Grap co-produced, Nathaniel Levisay scored, Zechariah Thormodsgaard of Gaardhouse animated the title credits and Clinton Lugert designed the posters as well as the rest of the media kit. We're proud to be credited as associate producers of the film. 

    The team has taken the film to over 19 film festivals, racking up a laundry list of great reviews, made it on to a few top-ten lists and taken home 4 awards including Best Picture. 

    After all this, we have some great news. Thanks to Breaking Glass Pictures "DAWNING" has joined the ranks of the small selection of MN films that have gotten distribution! Soon the film we be availble from RedBox to Video On Demand to Netflix and everywhere in between. We're currently finishing up the DVD package design.

    One of the most amazing parts of this deal is that the promotional artwork we've created for the film is going to market unchanged. Specializing in design & animation for feature films is our greatest passion and we're always proud when our work can help an inde film get noticed. However, once the distribution deal is signed the initial designs rarely (never) make it through the big machine and out to the audience without drastic changes. Something as bold as the "DAWNING" designs are just asking to be watered down - but this one time it won't be and for that we are both thankful and proud.

    The October Country had this to say:

    Color me intrigued as hopefully you are as well dear readers. If not, then feast your eyes upon these absolutely stunning posters for the film, which I'll admit are not only the most beautiful works of advertisement I have seen in ages, but are also what initially got me to sit up and pay attention in the first place. As far as successful marketing tools are concerned, you knocked this one outta the park guys, bravo.

    To learn more about the film and stay informed check out We'll be posting about the release and any other big news.