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    We're proud to announce that we won "Best In Show" at Artenbru! Be sure to check out their post to see all the other great posters by a bunch of super talented designers. One of our favorite sites, The Egotist picked up the story as well.

    The artist Clinton Lugert had this to say about the poster:

    "The basis of the illustration for POWER comes from the colossus of industry himself, Cecil Rhodes. An ardent imperialist and almost certainly a prick, this man founded the infamous De Beers diamond company. His attempted telegraph from Cape Town to Cairo was a dismal failure which we thought was the perfect image for a sardonic look at the ongoing attempts of Great Britain to successfully colonize Africa. Yes, the word POWER is between his legs on purpose."

    Thanks everybody for all the hard work & fun. And special thanks to Nick Rudie for getting us involved and Steve Fletty for creating the incredible beer & inspiring us. We can't wait for next year!

    If you'd like to pick one up there are a few for sale at our poster store.