Minnesota Lynx


Creative Director,

Kevin Hughes

LEE Branding

The Lynx were two-time champions and have the best record. They also have the best, and only sponsored player in the league – Maya Moore. Clearly, they didn't have a basketball problem. Yet only 3% of Timberwolves fans buy Lynx tickets. Their problem is sexism. And while they have a rabid season ticket holding fan base, their recreational one-night sales lack. So, the strategy needed to change from attracting male sports fans, to attract feminist, liberals and generally open-minded people who support kick-ass women in whatever they do - even sports. 

The ROAR campaign seems obvious now, because it's become more than a campaign but the entire position of their brand. This women are fierce through and through. It was time to stop acting so polite.

So, to get the message to a new audience and connect in a universal and human way we asked other badass women (and a few men) in the community to tell us how they #ROAR to show their support.

Not only was the campaign successful in that they had their largest season and post-season attendance of all-time, but they also won their 3rd championship and the right to call themselves a dynasty. That's how they #ROAR.