Meat and Greet

Role: Art Direction, Concept.
Design & Letterpress: Andrew Manthei
Camera & Edit: Zechariah Thormodsgaard
Music: A Whisper In The Noise
Client: Self Promotion
Agency: THEY, Gaardhouse, Manthei Design 



THEY summon to their studio a multitude of friends for a gathering of most unusual magnificence.

MEAT & GREET party 
February 4th
5pm – 11pm
THEY Studio – 77 13th Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

An affair of the heart, possessed and twisted by the machinery that now sits cold on the stone floor of our Studio. A hideous letterpress with blood as its seal, flesh as its paper.

Dare it insult us all with its mockery? Or shall we revel in defiance?

There will be beer and camaraderie. There will be art and candy. There will be music and… the scarlet-stained ink of movable type.

Come, join us for our party and see our space, our work, our new mural and our new letterpress. It would love to meat you.