Enki Brewing



Creative Director,

Lori Benoy & Christina Vang

Jack Wilcox

Amanda Day

LEE Branding

Enki is the ancient Sumerian god of flowing water. He brought the Tigris and Euphrates rivers together, which created the Fertile Crescent - the birthplace of life. Eventually he got sick of all the other gods taking credit and moved to Minnesota, where he brings people together with beer. It's a much better gig.

After some research we learned what separated this brewery and it's clientele from others and we were tasked with combining two feelings that don't usually go well together: high-end and friendly.

So to get to the high-end look we went with an ornate, gilded style based on the ancient, religious friezes. But if you look closely, these minor gods have really let their hair down. They're up to all sorts of typical midwestern hijinks: throwing keggers, disco dancing and fishing in swimming pools. Suddenly polytheism looks like friendly fun.

And lastly, in the spirt of bringing people together, their icon is based on an ampersand. Because both Enki and us mere mortals know that friends & beer are always "Better Together."