The film begins with the elemental fear of what is out in the woods but soon, the characters learn to fear what's inside themselves more. So taking this theme into a simple visual metaphor, I put the woods inside the person and then shot each character as their final frame in the film. 

Chris, sees it. Thus his portrait having no eyeballs. Laura fears instability so her poster looks like a turnip being uprooted. Richard is a secret alcoholic which is amplified by a jekyll and hyde effect. 

My company THEY design for film specialize in branding and advertising for movies. But in this case, I went down the rabbit hole even more than usual. I had been shooting a documentary and renting a camera from director Gregg Holtgrewe. Soon, he invited me to shoot second unit for his film Dawning. By the time it was done I was credited as a Producer because I brought in the co-writer Matthew Wilkins, composer Nathaniel Levisay and co-producer Chris Grap, hosted many meetings and test screenings, designed the posters, press kit, t-shirts, disc packaging and menu as well as the website.

Finishing a film is rare and difficult. Getting distribution, is a miracle. After entering 20 film festivals, winning several awards and making many top-ten lists, the film was released on DVD & Blu-Ray by Breaking Glass Pictures in and is available to stream online through all major vendors (Netflix, Amazon, etc). 

The branding of this film was instrumental in it's success. In fact, we found out later that it was programmed in many festivals without ever been viewed based entirely on the quality and impact of the brand. 

Role: Concept, Design.
Photography: Matt Blum
Screenprinting: Erik Hamline of Steady Print Shop Co.