Artcrank – Femifish

18" x 24" 
3 Color - Seaweed Green, White & Extended Electric Pink/Purple 
100lb Cover Weight French Paper - Poptone Berrylicious
Limited Edition of 30, signed by the artist Clinton Lugert
Hand Silk Screen Printed by Erik Hamline of Steady Print Shop Co.

I was honored to be invited back as an artist for ARTCRANK. It's wonderful to be in such good, creative company and the party is always a blast. It is the biggest poster show of the year. In fact, this year there were 6,000 people there! The opening was right next door to my studio in the 1910 Grain Belt bottling house. The exhibit is now moving to the One on One Bikes gallery. 
Prints for sale at ONE ON ONE Bikes until May 4th.

The thinking behind the poster is 3-fold. 

  1. As a young lad I made a mistake and scarred my psyche for all time. One late, sneaky night I stayed up and watched Fatal Attraction, but I had also just seen Splash. Somehow those two bathtub scenes were entangled in my young mind and I became forever afraid of not only Daryl Hannah, but also Mermaids. This poster is my attempt at conquering my fear of finned females. (Though you'll notice there's still no scales or tails!)
  2. There's more to it than that though. The phrase "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" is a popular feminist phrase, and I am a feminist myself. In fact, all my profits will be given to to help support their various women's rights initiatives. I colored the lines of type so that it also reads "A woman needs a bicycle". This is Artcrank after all. 
  3. And lastly, I believe all art should be a little personal. Because I was missing someone quite a bit at the time I was inspired to design this to be ethereal & disorienting with a strong sense of longing. 

This is also the 3rd mythology-based poster I've created on my favorite French Paper - Poptone Berrylicious.

Below is my first design for this poster. I spent a lot of time on this fun, kitschy tattoo style but when it was finished I wasn't happy with it at all. It probably would have looked better once printed but the layout just didn't have any emotion so I scrapped it. Then in a late night burst of inspiration I created what would become the final poster. 

Do not be fooled by the PG rating, this is a horror film.

And this is how it ends.

Good luck taking a bath anytime soon. Don't mess with the sirens.