55,000 WAYS

Art Direction,

Scott Jorgenson

Space 150

3M has a hard time talking about themselves in any way that humans understand. This video now represents a pillar of their brand.  

The shots are tied back to various products 3M makes whether it be the most reflective material on earth, or injection molded foam. More important is what those products are used for, and their impact on civilization. Reflective material = bringing light to the poor. Foam = the sole of the moon boot. To them, this all makes sense. 

From the CMO of 3M:
"This is a transformational piece of work for us.  A key opportunity we have is to explain to the world the thousands of ways we improve lives… This concept of 55,000 has been sitting there for 55 years, we have never capitalized on it. You DID!"
Role: Co-Concept, Art Director
ACD: Ben Drake
Copywriter: Scott Jorgenson
Performance by: Dessa 
Agency: space150